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LTASC III is in Evaluation

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Thank you for visiting the LTASC II Website. This site is designed to provide the NIH community with information about the Long Term Administrative Support Contract II. The resources and tools available here will help customers across all ICs address long term administrative support requirements efficiently and effectively.
New Announcements!
1) NEW Electronic Invoicing Instructions - The current national emergency has resulted in a change to NIH’s invoice submission process.
2) An Acquisition Plan is required for all task orders with a total value (incl. options) greater than $250,000.
3) Moving forward, CPARs will be completed at the task order level by the Task Order CO and COR.
4) For the convenience of our customers, LTASC II has been extended 6 months while LTASC III is being evaluated. Customers may continue submitting new TORPs during this period.

Click the button to the left to create/edit a task order through the LTASC II electronic Government Ordering System (eGOS). For more information on the Task Order Process, please visit the Resources page.
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Helpful Suggestions
To maximize the benefit of the 6-month extension to LTASC II master contract and to help reduce any interruption to your office, we would like to offer the following suggestions -

1. Consider recompeting your TORP for one base year if the task order period of performance expires before July 2021; or

2. Possibly consider extending your TORPS' period of performance up to August 31, 2021 and recompete the TORP for one base year.

Please note that all LTASC II TORPs must be submitted for review by August 1, 2021 and awarded by August 31, 2021. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in preparing a new TORP!
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Support under this contract is provided through several labor categories including Clerk 1, Clerk 2, Admin 1, Admin 2, Admin 3, and Admin 4. A Contractor Program Manager or Deputy Program Manager will be involved to manage the administrative personnel. For more information on these labor categories, please visit our Services page.

If you would like a presentation or training regarding the contract, please complete the Training Request Form and email it to to schedule a time for our Program Support Team to come to your location. CLPs are available for participants after completeion of the training.
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The Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations (OLAO) is now on YouTube! Check out the @OLAOContracts page for more information about the LTASC II contract. Click on the YouTube icon to the left to access the page.

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The LTASC II Program Support Team is offering on-site training to NIH staff regarding the vehicle, eGOS, and updates to the contract. Contact the LTASC II Solutions Center ( or 301-435-5468) to schedule your training today!

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OLAO is pleased to offer NIH customers other support services contracts including the NIHCATS vehicle providing conference and travel support and the PICS vehicle providing communication and outreach support. Please see our contracts handout for a brief description of each contract.
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