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  LTASC III Overview
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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The SOP provides the task order procedures and guidelines for usage and management of task orders under the LTASC III Vehicle. Click on the icon to access a PDF version of the document.

This is the LTASC III SOW and provides a detailed overview of the services vendors will provide. Refer to our "Services" page for a look at each of the administrative labor categories offered under this vehicle.
Task Order Procedures Handout

This document provides the high level task order procedures from creating a TORP, to evaluation and award, to managing the awarded task order. Refer to the SOP for a more detailed description of the task order process.
Fact Sheet

The fact sheet provides a quick overview of LTASC III, including the services, vendors, and contacts. Click on the icon to access the fact sheet.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This document is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that pertain to usage and management of task orders under LTASC III. It will be updated as more questions arise so check back frequently to learn more. Click here for a printable version of the FAQs.
LTASC III Contract

This document provides a list of recent modifications to the LTASC III contract, as well as clarification to several questions raised by customers and vendors.
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electronic Government Ordering System (eGOS)

Create/edit a task order through the LTASC III electronic Government Ordering System (eGOS). Please review the Customer eGOS Manual for step by step information. Contractors may refer to the Contractor eGOS Guide and the Contractor PM eGOS Guide
Sample Determination and Findings

Use this sample Determination and Findings document when preparing a Labor Hour type TORP.
Required Task Order Statement of Work (SOW) Template

A completed task order SOW template is required for LTASC III. SOWs should provide sufficient detail for contractors to prepare a solid technical and business proposal. The length of the SOW will depend on the complexity of the requirement.
Required Selection Recommendation Document (SRD) Template

After completing the award analysis, the Task Order Contracting Officer Representative (COR) prepares an SRD to document the evaluation and provide a rationale for selection. The Program Support Team has developed an SRD template to facilitate this step.
Amendment Template

Complete this amendment template and upload it in eGOS when you need to create an amendment. Click here to see a completed sample.


Funding must be available for every requirement. If the total value (base plus option years) of your task order is less than $250,000, this funding memo template will suffice and can be made part of your TORP. If greater than $250,000, an acquisition plan will be needed.
Task Order Milestone Schedule Template

Please consider using the Task Order Milestone Schedule Template to schedule and track key milestones during the task order process. Though this documents is not required, the Program Support team strongly encourages using it.

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Contractor Performance Survey

Customers, please populate one of these surveys per task order so that the LTASC III team can better monitor contractor performance.


Updated: October 3, 2023 - Please click here to learn more about customers’ use of LTASC III. The graph highlights the initial task order amount awarded by customer, sorted by dollar value, and will be updated monthly.

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